Control System

Kollmorgen – the world leader in lift control systems

When you’re looking for a premium lift control with unrivalled efficiency, Kollmorgen’s reputation is unsurpassed. Elegant designs and exceptional performance mean this market leader needs little introduction.

Taking lift control to a new level

Offering intelligence and performance consistently, Kollmorgen control systems deliver the best of German design to provide –

  • Superb ride comfort – smooth, fast direct to landing control with + or – 1mm levelling accuracy.
  • Unequalled reliability – with virtually no moving parts Kollmorgen surpass all expectation.
  • Full control – user friendly and simple to programme.
  • Easy maintenance – with new technology smart phone access fault finding could not be easier.
  • Full compliance – CE approved components, EMC interference tested, EN81 compliant

Optimised lift control

If you’re looking for a lift that adapts its behaviour to the building occupancy, Kollmorgen controls optimise performance by monitoring use. Because you don’t have time to work out how best to use your lift Kollmorgen does that for you.

Improving efficiency and convenience for you

Implementing changes on your behalf, the Kollmorgen IQ software recognises patterns and improves performance by –

  • Remembering – use analysed over 7 days to create a routine
  • Optimising – groups of lifts will park at busier floors at peek times
  • Waiting – doors stay open longer at busier times on busier floors
  • Energy saving – turning off lights and saving energy when not in use

Offering you a quality lift solution that’s cost effective, Gladiator Lifts have taken specialist mechanical design and blended that seamlessly with Kollmorgen control technology. In single lifts and in groups, we offer you the most reliable lift design available.

Remote Access and Monitoring

If you need access to your lift installation to monitor performance, maintenance and reliability Kollmorgen solves this problem.

Multiple groups or individual controllers can be accessed remotely and simply using the latest in IP network technology. Fixed internal networks and GSM based networks can be easily set up providing full access to the control systems diagnostics and performance data.

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