Existing Shafts

A new and better lift for your existing lift shaft

If you’ve got an existing shaft and want a solution that to maximise floor space and increases load capacity, we offer technical solutions to provide just that.

Specific plans to meet your needs

If you have specific requirements, Gladiator Lifts will find a realistic solution to deliver a finished product that meets your vision. Applying creative problem solving we’re capable of solutions that use –

  • One wall – cantilevered designs up to 1.6m/s 21 person capacity.
  • Two wall – guide rails either side for maximum balance and reduced wear. Speed in excess of 3.0m/s and loads up to 4000kg.
  • Under slung pulleys – where space permits in the pit.
  • Over slung pulleys – where space permits in the head of the shaft.
  • Intricate and technical – redesigning and maximising space.

Increasing capacity

If you want to increase lift capacity we can do that. On a previous contract we found ways of moving the controls and shifting the door structure to increase a 375kg lift to 500kg capacity.

There’s so many ways your existing shaft can be exploited to improve the way your lift works. Call Gladiator Lifts to get the complete picture.

Creating safe space in your lift shaft

When it comes to safety we know you want engineers servicing your lift to be as safe as the people using it. That’s why we are careful to make sure designs include low pit and low headroom solutions that combines -

  • Buffer areas – creating a space to keep engineers safe above and below the lift
  • Mechanical arrangements – providing an alternative when available space is too small
  • Electrical safety measures – compliant safety systems and solutions

Working for you throughout construction, we’ll make sure the manufacturing process specifically includes the safety features needed for your lift shaft.

If you’re not sure what will work best in your existing shaft, give us a call or get in touch. We’ll quickly be able to present you with a set of options.