Breathing new life into your old lift

Gladiator Lifts offers a complete range of solutions for modernising and upgrading existing lifts. Replacing your old controls with the finest German control technology from Kollmorgen is the answer.

Excellent controls and fixtures

If you’re thinking of taking action to improve your lifts’ tired function and poor reliability we offer simple controller changes and fixture modernisation. Improving the whole look of your lift and fitting Kollmorgen controls works for -

  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Traction lift controls in existing motorooms
  • MRL solution modernisation
    • 1. Kone Monospace
    • 2. Otis GENII
    • 3. Schindler Smart
    • 4. Orona range
    • 5. Thyssen Universe
    • 6. Thyssen Galaxy

To find out what the difference between your existing lift is and one from Gladiator Lifts, call or get in touch right now.

Partial and back to guide modernisation

Whatever your level of need Gladiator Lifts will assess and provide the level of service you want. For part modernisation that may mean –

  • Machine upgrades –we can offer detailed calculation of the existing systems for new motors and gears
  • Installing Kollmorgen controls – multiple controller cabinet solutions to suit the job
  • Fixture upgrades – we offer a complete range of surface mounted and flush mounted push buttons and indicator solutions

Full modernisation packages may also include;

  • Complete range of bespoke lift cars and slings
  • Car and counterweight buffers
  • Safety gears and safety gear adaption steels
  • Over speed governors and return pulleys
  • Door solutions can offered from Sematic, Selcom, Fermator and Meiller

A modern lift system offers benefits of safety, efficiency and energy saving. Improving access for wheelchair users is a priority today too. If you care about having a quality lift that will improve your building get in touch to find out more.

Offering you choice and control over what you modernise, give Gladiator Lifts a call and we’ll create a package just for you.